IPL Permanent Hair Reduction


IPL is a light based therapy which uses beams of light to target structures in the skin such as pigmentation or broken capillaries and safely but effectively remove them. Skinbase Permanent Hair Reduction offers a lasting solution to unwanted hair using intense pulsed light. Hair is disabled in the follicle giving permanent reduction and it provides a quick and painless solution. With one treatment noticeable result is seen, but course of treatment is recommended and maybe required.

Benefits of SkinBase IPL are:

  • Offers a lasting solution to unwanted hair. Hair growth is disabled at the follicle giving hair a permanent reduction.
  • Largest hand piece in the industry ensures you receive a fast, effective treatment.
  • It has unique cooling cryo-hand set that creates an anaesthetic effect on the skin surface to provide the most comfortable treatment experience.
  • Most areas can be treated including upper lip, chin, underarms, bikini lines and legs.

SkinBase IPL

SkinBase IPL also offers variety of treatments with the Skin Rejuvenation.

There is the Medical Therapies – “Skin Repair That Works”.

It will treat:

  • Acne
  • Full face rejuvenation that gives you younger looking skin
  • Back of hands age spot or pigmentation
  • Vascular treatments such as broken capillaries, Red veins, and fine lines and wrinkles.

IPL Hair reduction and Vascular treatments