Acne and acne scarring

What Is Acne?

The mention of the word and seeing these spots erupt and with no control can be really depressing.
This skin condition could be described in so many different ways, but in a simpler meaning, when the surface dead skin cell and the sebum also known as oil will clog the hair follicles.
Acne scarring, survey shows that 95% of adolescent and adults suffer with scarring problems has stronger effect on the skin. If you have experienced this, we have the right treatment for you.
Lack of collagen in those specific areas causes scarring, when the underlying skin does not produce it during healing process and ice pick skin occurs.
We have range of treatments and method for treating this skin issue that will help you regain your confidence.
Full consultation is required before treatment.

Acne Treatments:

IPL & Led light treatment: Reduce Inflammation caused by the condition, help to reduce redness, will give a clearer skin and painless procedure.

Customise Treatment: To suit your condition, using various methods such as steam & extract will remove blackhead and congested skin and millia. It will calms and revitalises with extra glowing to skin.

Using Chemical Peels: And using ultrasonic range that will help control breakout. This is very effective and would give clean and clear appearance and smooth texture to the skin. It will also correct uneven skin tone.

Microdermabrasion: will exfoliate dead skin cells, reduce scarring, renew and refreshes skin for clarity and brightens skin. It has become first choice for any acne treatment.
There is noticeable improvement from the first treatment, and we advice course of treatments. Drinking plenty of water up to 8 glasses a day will help improve skin texture.

Customised Treatment

£8070 mins

Chemical Peels

£850060 mins


£450050 mins

For Microdermabrasion a course of treatment is required

Please Note: Consultation and Patch test may be is required before treatment; this could take up to 45 minutes.
Treatments would not be suitable for cold sores, pregnant or breast-feeding, sun burnt skin and pace maker wearer.
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