This treatment does intense and superior exfoliation thereby removing dead skin cells and encourage new skin renewal. This treatment is non-invasive, you can have treatment and do very light makeup depending on the extent of the peeling and skin issue. It promotes skin rejuvenation and produce new collagen. Skin becomes clean, smooth, clear and glowing. It can be combined with Steam & Extraction to help remove blackhead and millia on the nose and other area of the skin.
It is important to note that Microdermabrasion does not remove Acne or blemish, but other combined treatments we use,  will help treat these skin issues. It works well on scars and help to decongest skin and treats enlarged pores. This can take longer than one session, due to the extent of the skin issues. It is a wonderful all year round treatment, Juliette says “You can never go wrong with a good peel”.

Single Treatment

£39Course of 3 £109 - Course of 6 £209