Rosacea & Skin Redness

Rosacea may be deemed as persistent redness that occurs around the cheek, chin, forehead and nose area. There are several symptoms such as:

  • Redness around the middle part of the face
  • Feeling of stinging and burning sensation
  • You might have severe spots and bump on your face
  • Telangiectasias, visible tiny small blood vessels on the face
  • Flushing of skin from time to time

How do we calm Rosacea skin?, first we need to determine the stage of your skin health during consultation to give more insight towards the treatment and product to use. It also depends if you have just Rosacea prone skin, or more aggravated skin. Using very mild facial treatment and care.
Identifying type of Rosacea such as:
Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea: This is usually the flat and red patch with tiny blood vessels. This can be found around

  • Cheeks
  • Nose

Papulopustular Rosacea: These are spot that looks like acne, and will need doctor’s prescription such as antibiotic and topical cream. In some cases, it could aggravate skin or may not.
Ocular Rosacea: occurs around the eyelid, it is sore and can be very red.
We highly recommend different methods in our clinic for treatment and to achieve good result. Depending on life style these conditions should be avoided.

  • Alcohol consumption
  • Hot beverages
  • Emotional stress
  • Very spicy foods
  • Hot Or Very cold weather conditions

Using our IPL medical therapy, and skin peels to help give gradual result.
To treat more of these skin issues listed below. Though condition maybe persistent, working closely with your therapist is advised.


  • It treats broken capillaries
  • Safe and pain free
  • No down time, and back to work
  • Fast and effective treatment
  • Treats unsightly veins and reduce redness
  • Treats Campbell de Morgan spots

Your choice of product for aftercare is very important, we will recommend products that will help you achieve and treat your skin health. With this in mind, some food may trigger Rosacea and our nutritionists will advice you accordingly on what food to eat and avoid.
Full consultation and patch test is required that will take up to 45 minutes before treatment.
Aftercare treatment advice is given.

Single treatment


Course of 3 treatments


LED Blue Light Single Treatment


LED Blue Light Course of 3 Treatments


Consultation £25 (Redeemable with first booking)