Do you have any of these skin issues such as pigmentation, dull & dehydrated skin, blackhead and so on? Julestema products are formulated with best ingredients and are vegan for beautiful complexion and for all skin types and ages.
Consultation and patch test will be required before treatment to determine the right facial for you. Using Julestema products will help to nourish your skin, illuminate and give fresh, smooth and glowing complexion. Our range of product is for the whole family.
With every Julestema facials you book for up 50 points, will go towards getting a product of your choice or for same skin issue

Aesthetic & Firming Facial

This is a combination and customised treatment using different tools that will help give instant result to skin. Using a chemical peeling with ultrasound to help clear and renew skin. It can also be combined with lifting the jowls, frown lines, lifting cheek area and neck.

Treatment could be carried out individually, without the other depending on expected results.
Consultation and patch test will be required.

Single Treatment

£9880 mins

Course of 3 treatments


JS Brightening / Illuminating Facial

This facial will help to treat pigmentation, using our orange & grapefruit serum with active ingredient such as papaya, avocado oil and strawberry will help to gradually penetrate the deepest layer of the skin to help bring back even skin tone.
We recommend the facial serum daily for faster and quicker result and Pro-Age eye cream.

Combined with Microdermabrasion,
Products recommended: White grape daily cleanser, Orange & Grapefruit brightening serum and Rose Micellar water.

Single Treatment

£5860 mins

Course of 3 treatments


JS Dull & Dehydrated skin

When your skin feels and look lifeless, dry and flaky sometimes, can be really uncomfortable. Using our combined method of skin therapy to bring back glow to your skin. We highly recommend orange & grapefruit serum for faster and effective result. This can be used daily.

Ad-on LED light therapy would work well with the treatment.
Products recommended: Grapefruit, lavender & Frankincense cleanser, Rose flower toner and Geranium sensitive face cream.

Single Treatment

£4565 mins

Course of 3 treatments


JS Steam & Extract

This facial works for blackhead, congested skin, and enlarged pores. Cleansing, scrubbing and exfoliating the skin, using ultrasonic tool will prepare the skin to various stages of the treatment. Extraction is carried out to remove blackhead and millia. Followed by extensive mask and massage, moisture.

Products recommended: Lemongrass & Bergamot cleanser, Tea tree toner,
Aloe Vera mask & Rose daily face cream with Q10.

If there is active acne, this will be treated differently.

Without Acne

Single Treatment

£5570 mins

Course of 3 treatments


With Active Acne & High Frequency

Single Treatment

£6080 mins

JS Men’s Luxury Facial

This is a relaxing facial combined with Microdermabrasion for deep cleansing, Steam & Extract with massage.
It is tailored to suit individual need of the client

We recommend daily cleansing wash, moisture boost face cream, Pro-Age eye cream

Single Treatment

£5560 mins

Course of 3 treatments


JS Deep Purifying Facial:

This facial is customised to suit skin issues. Using different range of treatment method for ideal result.
Julestema Product for specific skin issues will be prescribed, in some cases course of treatment will be required.

Full consultation is required.

Single Treatment


JS Express Mini Facial:

This facial is a quick lunchtime snack facial, with scrubbing, masking massage and SPF. This is a relaxing facial that will aid oxygen and nourishment to skin. This is without blemish, acne or breakout.
Single Treatment: £40
Treatment Time: 60 minutes

Single Treatment

£4060 mins