Sun Damage, Melasma & Pigmentation

Treatment for these skin conditions can differ by using core methods for reducing each condition.

Sun-Damaged skin

Skin exposure to sun, ultraviolet (UV) we all like the sun, but without adequate sun protection and topical application of cream and moisturizer we can increase the risks associated with this skin issue. This can cause great damage to skin even if you do not burn while out in the sun. We want good looking tanned skin and vitamin D too, but consequences in the long run are far greater than the fresh good-looking tan we all want.

This can be treated, most especially if this is on our face and we would do anything to get rid of it.

Single Treatment

£89Course of treatment may be required


Brown or Gray patches on the face most prominent on the forehead, cheek, chin and lip area. There are different types of melasma, which can be mild or severe and can be found mostly in women. This is over activity of the melanocyte, which is the cell that produces dark colours. It can become darker when under the sun and hormonal influences can be another reason.

Treating melasma instantly by using sun protector factor (SPF) will give great result and topical cream. In some cases, some might see result, while it might take longer. We have different treatment procedure and consultation will help to determine which treatment suits the client. Patient is the key word during treatment, because treatment may take longer and it is different from each person.

Single treatment starts at:

£120Course of treatment is advised

Course of 3 treatments


Consultation fee

£25redeemed when you book a treatment


Different issue can cause pigmentation such as sun exposure, birth control pills, pregnancy and certain chemicals found in some products such as soaps, perfumes, creams and shampoos.

Using different treatment procedure to treat pigmentation to get best result and give significant benefit.

Single treatment with IPL

£11055 mins

Course of 3 treatments

£28045 mins

Regular treatment


LED Light therapy add-on