Back, Neck, & Shoulder Massage back only

Treatment: £38.00

Time: 30 minutes

Hot Stone Massage Back only

  • Hot stone Back only £49.50

Time: 40 minutes

  • Hot stone Back, Including leg £60.50

Time: 60 minutes

Massage is one of the must have beauty treatment that everyone should have. Massage body treatment will help in so many ways and cure much of body ailments, such as easing tension, helping to loose weight(YES, very much so), improving and healing muscle issues. Massage will help relax you, and give you sense of well-being. Depending on the type of massage because there are several massages such as deep tissue, sports massage and so on.

We also focus on one of the therapeutic massages which uses basalt stone made from the volcanic rock. This blended with the oil, releases its therapeutic healing to the body. Hot stone massage – it is actually warm stone with temperature good enough for the practitioner to hold and to also place on the clients skin. This sliding movement with the oil really activates the healing process while treating any muscle and skin issues the client may have. You can have massage once a week, bi-weekly or monthly for best benefit. you can give as a gift to someone special and pamper yourself. Again, I say You can never go wrong with a relaxing massage. Book it now!!

Consultation in some cases is required and we are keeping our COVID-19 government guideline for your safety and that of our staffs. Please note we will send you the COVID-19 form online and must have to be completed before you come in for your treatment. We can give you the form to complete at the clinic.