Introducing to you our newest and amazing Electro Epilation Technology!

The gentle way to permanent hair removal!

Over 140 years ago, after its invention, electrolysis still remains the only hair removal procedure recognized as truly permanent and agreed by the regulatory body.

How does it work?

This is by sliding a fine probe into the hair follicle and applying current adjusted both to hair type and treated area. This will then thoroughly destroy the germinative cells responsible for hair growth, destroying the bottom of the hair follicle, making it very effective, gentle and safe.

Electrolysis does:

  • Galvanic
  • High Frequency
  • Thermolysis and
  • Blend methods

What is Electrolysis?

It is simply the gentle way to a permanent hair removal, and it does other vascular skin treatments such as:

  • Pigmentation
  • Millia
  • Mole
  • Telangiectasias
  • Skin tag
  • Campbell de Morgan spots


  • Great for all skin types
  • All hair colours
  • Male Beards and stronger follicle
  • Excellent for distorted hair
  • Ingrown hair
  • Fine hair
  • Coarse hair
  • Suitable on every area of hair growth
  • Areas close to the eye
  • Has fantastic localized nature and effect to the skin
  • It has pinpoint precision for hair removal
  • Has range of sterilised disposable probes for health and safety

This amazing treatment is finished with

  • Galvanic facial to help calm skin
  • Reduce erythema
  • Acts as antibacterial to the area treated,
  • Tightens pores and follicles
  • Soothes skin

Consultation is required before treatment.
Recommended course of treatment could be up to 8-12 sessions.

Electrolysis Treatment - 10 mins


Electrolysis Treatment - 15 mins


Electrolysis Treatment - 30 mins


Electrolysis Treatment - 45 mins


Electrolysis Treatment - 60 mins