It is important to make the right food choices and it will benefit the entire body and will facilitate good and healthy body. First and foremost is to determine what the body needs to sustain it at any giving time. To fuel the body with the right nutritious food will also help fight any form health issues.

Choosing the right food can be so cumbersome, most especially when there are so many to choose from. Let us begin by using our brain!  What does that mean? We have to use our brain, thinking, knowledge and understanding.

Brain food; imagine if you are not able to think? Brain food is important, I feel strongly we should begin with finding the right food for the brain and how it will affect our body and give us good healthy one.

Fruits, vegetables, tablets, egg, nuts and much more. There are many other sources of getting brain food that will benefit our body.

We have to also consider vegetarian, non-vegetarian and all that will give the body nutrients that will help to develop and maintain the brain. The best food for the brain list inexhaustible, just finding and eating the right food will give you healthy brain.  Including exercising, resting and relaxation will help build and maintain healthy body and brain function.

We will pick on the real relationship on our next issue, until then eat healthy and think positively.

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Juliette is a qualified Nutritionist and a Member of the International College of Holistic Medicine.