The Perfect treatment peel for all skin issues.

To achieve that perfect complexion, revive your skin, increase collagen or treat acne and pigmentation, we will carry out skin analysis and consultation to chose the right skin peel for you from our range of Mesopeel systems. This is a professional chemical peeling system based on organic acids such as sugar cane exfoliate epidermis, Bitter Almonds and Bearberry plants which will helps to superficially suppress Melanosomal, rejuvenate the skin, removes dead skin cells and encourage renewal of new skin.

Skin becomes brighter, soft and glowing. Series of treatment may be required depending on skin issues. Using our L’esthetic Paris chemical peeling, with the chance of achieving the best for your skincare, renewing and reviving problematic skin.

Lightening Depigmentant Peel

Our collection for different skin issues such as the Anti-Acne, Neutralizer and Lightening Peeling Gel

Introducing a brilliant product that we use in achieving fantastic results, with minimal irritation. This peel is based on three different category such as Glycolic, Mandelic and Kojic acids. These will help to exfoliate surface skin and stimulate skin renewal. It will help to subdue the production of melanin, medical consultation is required. It is suitable for all skin types Fitzpatrick photo-type (2 to 6), and will treat:

1) Pigment spots,

2)Accidental hyperpigmentation (for photo sensitivity or post -lessional scarring)

3)Melasma (excessive pigmentation)

Treatment can be with or with out Mesotherapy

Course of treatment is required to help achieve best results and in some cases patch test will be required.




Single Treatment


Course of 3 Treatments