Our 4D step treatment is tailored to suit various skin conditions.

It includes wonderful skin renewal ultrasonic scrub to remove dead skin cell, Steaming of facial area to extract millia and blackhead, followed by enzyme mask and light massage. The LED light mask is then placed on the skin for the specific condition either for blemish and acne or to boost collagen.  Skin will be soft with instant noticeable radiance and glow.

Single Treatment


Steam & Extract Facial Treatment

This is a wonderful deep cleansing facial treatment for all ages. With the ozone combined treatment.
  • Helps open clogged pores,
  •  Reduce congested skin,
  • Gives clarity to the skin, using the right and appropriate product to suit the skin
  • Removes blackhead
  • Millia
  • Blemish
  • Skin feels smooth and clear
  • Good for all ages ( Parental consent in some cases)
Depending on skin issues, treatment can be repeated between 4 – 8 weekly basis.
Full consultation is required and courses of treatment is necessary. We will recommend products to suit your skin.

Single Treatment

££4150Course of 3 £114