The cocktail Facial Treatment that is tailored to suit various skin conditions.

When you do not know what facials to have give back that glow to your skin

Do you think this facial is for you? (I say YES)

I call it the cocktail because it consists of various procedure and different aspect of products and treatment are used. We first carry out consultation using our skin analysis procedure to determine what aspect and procedure that would be suitable for you.

We start by cleansing and removing makeup thoroughly. Using our JuleStema facial scrub to slough off dead skin cell and then steam face for 15 minutes to remove blackhead and millia.

We then proceed by using our ultrasound scrubber , to open pores and help infuse serum into skin. We do skin analysis again to determine if the skin needs (MD) Microdermabrasion, after which skin is cleansed properly, and placing our Meso mask which is left to nourish, refresh and hydrate skin.

Skin is moisturized, SPF is applied to give glow, brightness and nourished skin. We recommend bi-weekly or monthly treatment to help achieve best routine result always.

Hydro Facial Single Treatment Mature Skin

£1100070 minutes
  • Hydro Facial for Young Skin – £79.00