There are different types of Acne and can be caused by different reasons and as much there are different cure. These can be through herbal remedies, beauty facials, and Aesthetic treatments.

What exactly causes acne and what is acne?

There is no definite answer because everyone has different answers and treatment procedure.

At Essense Aesthetic, we have one of the most sort equipment that is giving fantastic results and giving back hope and confidence to all our clients.

Acne lesions or you may call it spots or pimples happen when the hair follicles or ‘pores’ on the skin is blocked with excess oil or sebum and dead skin cells. When the follicle is blocked it makes it so easy for bacteria to grow and thereby creating the bumps, which can be red and can also have pus- filled which is spots.

Extra Benefits of L’Esthetic Paris Peel

  • It dramatically reduces inflammation
  • Destroys the bacteria on the skin by preventing new spots from occurring
  • It evens out the skin surface and improves the appearance of scarring
  • Prevents overproduction of sebum
  • No down time
  • It is safe and it is pain free

There are different issues surrounding acne problem. It is a constant struggle to be able to find the right treatment? how long will it take to get treated. At this point you really have to be patient with your skin when you begin your treatment.

Essense Aesthetic has qualified and experienced Aesthetic therapists professionally trained both in L’Esthetic Paris Peel and Medical therapies. Proper consultation and patch test is very important before treatment. This will help the trained medical aesthetic therapist to determine the suitability before treatment. The consultation can take up to 40 minutes, as it is required.

You cannot go wrong with giving attention to your skin most especially when it is on the face and we do not have another except the one. “Investing on your skin is what you would never regret because this is the face and skin that you live in”

“There is no Magic in Skincare” by J Hornsby
Qualified Practitioner and Medical Aesthetic Therapist