Have you ever tried a facial called Steam & Extract before?, if you have not you should try this wonderful facial treatment from Essense range of facials.

I call it A must have! why? this is because in any facial treatment be it botox, fillers micro-needling and so on, the skin must be deeply and thoroughly cleansed before proceeding to the next level of any treatment. There are so much lurking under the skin and makeup is used in covering them up, but for How Long?. This also comes into our special times such as wedding, anniversary, prom or for that special occasion. In some cases this is the only time we will need our beautician, therapist etc and the best is what we want. I have always said that there are no Magic in skincare, no matter what we do or use it will have to take its times, and that is what we do not have. Most result will come from our life style, a perfect life style with no stress, might give you that perfect skin and result. In some cases it still does not work because there is always something the helps it to erupt!!

There are so much breakouts due to stress levels, diet, hard water, hormonal influences, topical application of products, contraceptive pills and so on. These issues contributes in lowering confidence and bad skin. The fact remains that the skin needs that TLC – tender loving care and full facial treatment combined in most cases with our LED light therapy which is very good for (acne, fine lines & wrinkles and pigmentation).

This is a wonderful deep cleansing treatment for all ages and skin types.


  • Helps to clean clogged pores
  • Treats blemish skin
  • Reduces enlarged pores
  • Reduce congested skin
  • Gives clarity to skin, using the right products
  • Removes blackhead
  • Skin feels smooth, clean and clear
  • Good for all ages (parental guidance and consent in most cases)

Depending on skin issues, treatment can be repeated every four weeks followed by maintenance and home care products. Please note with  most skin issues client will have to use recommended products to help achieve good result. Consultation is required and it is free. Call salon to speak to the Aesthetic Therapist and book your treatment.