As many of you know that I am an Advanced Dermapen TM trained Skin Care Specialist & Aesthetician with over 20 years experience.

Introducing to you the latest and safe Dermapen non-surgical LA Lift, which was developed, by one of the Beverly Hills’ leading micro-needling specialist Freddy Felix LA face-lift. This practice is based on non-surgical procedure and it is now at Essense Aesthetic, taught to me by Dr Andrew Christie at the heart of London’s Medical Quarter. Dr Andrew Christie is an industry specialist and a lecturer in Micro needling in over 47 countries with over 20 years experience.

This amazing procedure introduces the Dermapen 4 The Ultimate Formula 1 of micro needling as quoted by Dr Christie himself. This LA Lift is based on similar practice to surgical procedure which the areas of scalp to reposition facial features such as the entire hairline and the most part of the hair is treated with Dermapen automated needling. With this procedure, collagen around the structural points around the face is lifted and toned and also is activated.

Result:  With time, facial features and contours become firmer and toned.

Full medical consultation is carried out before this amazing procedure.

If you also have hair loss due to several circumstances attributed to hormone, stress, then this is your answer. Like I said, you can never go wrong with a good Facial treatment giving by a professional.